2020's Destructive Derecho

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A hurricane-like derecho started in southeast South Dakota and northeast Nebraska and ripped across parts of Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana -- lasting 14 hours and traveling 770 miles on Aug. 10, 2020 -- leaving a trail of destruction at the worst possible time for farmers The storm hit with force and speed. That same week, DTN was doing a Digital Yield Tour with Gro Intelligence that used its powerful and modern yield modeling systems -- along with DTN's meteorology team -- to quickly track the wind path and help identify the worst-affected counties. It was clear this derecho would have a large impact on farmers and others who were affected by the destructive path.

This special Spotlight package shares DTN/Progressive Farmer coverage from the last year. DTNPF staff reached out to farmers, elevators, bin companies, etc. affected by the derecho to put into perspective the impact on farmers at the time and beyond. The following package includes stories on farmers trying to clean up the damage, what to do about insurance, how to rebuild bins and store grain, and how to deal with the challenges of trying to harvest damaged fields. DTN analysts also looked at how the derecho affected USDA crop production estimates and even basis and market prices for months afterward.

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Derecho Smashes Grain Storage

Straight-Line Winds Picked Up Speed Across Iowa, Illinois

8/11/2020 | 2:49 PM CDT

By Chris Clayton


Iowa Assesses Derecho Damage to Ag

Storm Devastates Commercial, On-Farm Grain Storage Weeks Ahead of Harvest

8/12/2020 | 3:25 PM CDT

By Todd Neeley


Iowa Farmers Face Harvest Challenge

Crop Experts Find Wide Variety of Damage to Corn, Soybeans Across State

8/13/2020 | 9:23 AM CDT

By Todd Neeley


Millions of Ill. Acres in Derecho Path

Estimated 6.95 Million Illinois Corn Acres Were in Path of Destructive Storm

8/13/2020 | 5:07 PM CDT

By Todd Neeley


Trump Approves Iowa Disaster Request

USDA Estimates 14 Million Acres of Insured Crops in Iowa Path of Storm

8/18/2020 | 2:31 PM CDT

By Todd Neeley


Winds Pummel Midwest Grain Facilities

Mangled Grain Storage Adds to Harvest Uncertainty

8/19/2020 | 3:59 PM CDT

By Matthew Wilde


Corn Heads That Pick Up What's Down

Farm Show Corn Head, Equipment Demos Put Spotlight on Harvesting Down, Lodged Corn

9/15/2020 | 10:41 AM CDT

By Matthew Wilde


Derecho-Damaged Crops Slowly Disappear

Foreign Matter Takes on New Meaning After Midwest Storm

9/25/2020 | 4:09 PM CDT

By Matthew Wilde, Progressive Farmer Crops Editor and Chris Clayton, DTN Ag Policy Editor


Derecho-Damaged Corn Drydown Dilemma

Farmers Face Additional Derecho Challenge: Estimating Corn Drydown

10/12/2020 | 5:10 AM CDT

By Matthew Wilde


Stand-Strong Storage

Grain Bins Can Be Built to Sustain Hurricane-Force Winds, But at a Cost

10/22/2020 | 7:16 AM CDT

By Matthew Wilde