Innovations in the Field

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Welcome to the 2017 BASF Innovations in the Field. This yearlong program is designed to showcase four progressive farmers and their use of technology and agronomic practices to enhance their return on investment and profit potential. Check back each week for new blogs and videos from the farmers as they share their experiences and crop management decisions throughout the growing season. Here is a brief overview of our four participants.

Mike & Mitch House

Atlanta, Indiana

Mike and Mitch House

Blog Entry #10: November 7, 2017


Harvest is at a standstill in central Indiana. We received 3 inches of rain last weekend. We are 90% done with beans and 95% done with corn. The corn we have left is going to the local elevator, where lines have not been too long yet. All the recent rain has given us time to clean up around the grain bins and start the tedious process of cleaning the dryer.

We have started our wood boiler that heats our shop, office, and a house on the property. Typically in the winter we spend time cleaning up fencerows and around woods. The trees that have fallen supply us with plenty of wood for the winter. We enjoy using wood as a source of heat rather than it going to waste.

Harvest started off slow with a radiator in a semi that had to be replaced, and then a sickle bar on a head that snapped in two. All in all things have gone fairly smooth; just need some dry weather to finish. Yields have been anywhere from 160 to 270 bushels on corn and beans have fared well with higher than normal yields.

With our side business, Farmstead Ironworks, jobs have started to stack up. We have been receiving a lot of custom light fixture requests including some commercial projects that should keep us busy for most of the winter.