Innovations in the Field

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Welcome to the 2018 BASF Innovations in the Field. This yearlong program is designed to showcase four progressive farmers and their use of technology and agronomic practices to enhance their return on investment and profit potential. Check back each week for new blogs and videos from the farmers as they share their experiences and crop management decisions throughout the growing season. Here is a brief overview of our four participants.

Dale & Ethan Zoerb

Mason City, Nebraska

Dale & Ethan Zoerb

Blog Entry #5: June 18, 2018


This is our last soybean field we had to plant so we brought over the 24 row straight 30 to compare to the twins that all the other soybeans went too. (Here is another picture of dad.) We wanted more trials like this but with time running short this is all we got. We could have really used an extra guy to keep the 24 row running while dad was in the sprayer staying ahead of three planters with pre-emerge.


The next day after soybeans were completed we did some side by sides with corn on two hybrids at some different populations to see if we can utilize the twin row on corn next year. Planting started April 27 for us and wrapped up on the 17th of May.


This is Eric our BASF rep. We are out in our first planted soybean field trying to figure out why we can't seem to get any stand while oust all the layer planted field are up and at unifoliate.


Here are some of our dryland soybeans. Planted almost 1 7/8-inch deep to get the seeds into moisture and they have good stands. Ignore the 25 that's just the field number.


This is our corn coming up in our soybean field that was zeroed from hail. I was comparing stands from the tractor path to the shaded areas. The 86 is the year dad started farming it.



We also sorted pairs and took them to grass this month. Now that we have gotten some rain the pastures are growing well. The guy in the bibs is Jeff, the guy in the red is Shawn, they are our fulltime help. The kid that looks like he had a terrible accident is my cousin that my parents are the legal guardian of.


This is our current task. Running a 12 and 24 row coulter machine to side dress our corn. We band the fertilizer 8 inches off the row so the plants can get to it faster. We would like to utilize Y drops for this but haven't got around to it. We use the Orthman Tracker IV to help hold the line because we wouldn't be able to control this heavy bar without it in our rolling hills.


Our family had much to celebrate over Memorial Day weekend as my sister got married. Our girls were the flower girls and my wife and I were able to stand up with them in the wedding party. The wedding was in the front yard at my parents on a 93-degree day, as you can tell we were warm.